EDUCATIONI support a strong public school system that provides individualized instruction to Idaho's kids, allowing them equal opportunity to reach their full potential.  We can improve our schools and our outcomes with lower class size and improved resources for teachers.  In an area like District 4, we risk losing teachers across the border into Spokane where they can make $10,000 more per year.  We must pay our dedicated teachers a fair wage.

ACCESS TO HEALTH CAREFirst and foremost, I can state flatly that I believe affordable access to basic healthcare is a right, not a privilege for those who can afford it.  Idahoans are already paying for Medicaid expansion when we pay our federal taxes.  It is time to accept Medicaid Expansion and bring those dollars back to Idaho.  It makes fiscal sense to support our local hospitals and providers.  Most importantly, it is the RIGHT thing to do, allowing hard working Idaho families access to the health care we are already paying for.

FAIR WAGESI believe in equal pay for equal work.  I believe that an individual working full time should earn a wage above the poverty level.  I know it is time to raise the minimum wage, which will not only raise wages across the spectrum, but will also pour more money into our local economy as people can better afford to provide for their families.  I support strong Idaho businesses and the worker's right to organize.

EQUALITY and DIVERSITY:  I will fight for policy that recognizes the dignity of each Idahoan and establishes fairness and equal opportunity.

FAIR and OPEN ELECTIONS:  I will fight against any legislation that disenfranchises those legally eligible to vote.

TAXES and FAIRNESS:  It requires money to build the type of community we want to live in.  Taxes should be the FAIR way we distribute these costs.  Our tax policy is unfair.  Every loophole and special consideration given to one group of individuals or corporations shifts the burden onto the rest of us.  When elected I will fight for fairness in tax policy.  I will spend taxpayer money cautiously, avoiding waste and inefficiency.



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