I have always been a behind-the-scenes person, especially politically.  This is not to say I have been passive or uniformed, but not an out-front, out-spoken person.  Part of this has to do with my work:  I take seriously my role in health care, working as one to promote and enable healing.  I know full well that Democrats are outnumbered in Idaho and these passions can run hot.  I have felt it was important in how I go about my work to avoid an opportunity for political disagreement and lables to get in the way of the work I do.

Another factor is my role in our family:  my husband, Dan has been the out-front political person; I have been in a supportive role.  I have a full life as a mom, grandmother, homemaker and fulfilling my various roles in our church.

So why run, and why run now?  My professional life will be winding down as I am reaching retirement age.  Over the last several years, I have become alarmed at the ever harsher pull to the right in Republican politics and their apparent blindness to the needs of most Americans.

In Kootenai County it appears that the Republican Central Committee has re-made itself into a quasi-governing body.  They weigh in on specific issues and expect elected Republicans to fall in line.  It appears that party loyalty and party purity is the primary consideration these elected officials follow when making policy that affects all of us.

This is just wrong.  It is time to work for the families of Idaho, not the Republican Party.  It is time to speak about the values we have in common, not party loyalty or purity.  It is time to challenge everyone seeking office to clearly state their views AND own their record.  It is time to DO not just Say.

IT IS TIME for Legislative District 4 to send Democrats to Boise to prioritize the issues we care most about.